Introduction to Re-Lit

Re-Lit is a candle that will burn almost infinitely long. Through our invention, we aim to reduce wastage from discarding unused candles, as well as provide 3rd world countries with an alternative and long-lasting light source.

Candles are often thrown away after the wick burns out. However, what we are throwing away is also fuel in the form of candle wax that has yet to be completely oxidized. Re-Lit will reuse the wax left behind from incomplete combustion of the candle, therefore decreasing waste produced.

Also, some parts of the world do not have electricity and will be shrouded in darkness when night falls. Re-Lit will be an affordable and long-lasting source of illumination. By reusing the candle wax and introducing a new wick, Re-Lit is able to keep burning as long as the wax does not run out. As such, they would be able to enjoy the luxury of light, something which many of us are not aware of and take for granted.