Establishing the idea

Re-Lit was an idea that popped out of the blue. Our group noted that candles were often used for decorative purposes, and were discarded when their use for the occasion expired. We felt that the candles that were discarded still possessed a lot of fuel, hence it would be able to keep burning for a long while. Also, they are in mint condition, and simply throwing them away is not efficiently using the candle.

As such, we set off searching for a way to counter this problem. First, we settled on having 3rd world countries as our main target audience, with certain organizations in 1st world countries being focused on as well. These organizations utilize candles in their day-to-day activities, such as religious places of worship or even restaurants.

Upon further discussion with our mentor, we decided to carry on with this project. Along the way, we set targets for us to meet such that we are able to produce a refined product with the highest quality. We also felt that this project was especially meaningful, as it would spread awareness about the plight that those living in 3rd world countries face, and it would also show how many of us take such a luxury for granted and not fully appreciate its value.

Re-Lit was born.


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