Issue #4

As the same type of candle was used throughout thus far, the next hurdle faced was finding the method to continuously burn the leftover liquefied wax. Considering that the flame will die out once the wick burns out, the group thought of ways to increase the lifespan of the wick.

In the end, the group decided on lengthening the wick. This can be done attaching another DIY wick onto the original candle wick, or having candles with longer wicks that protrude out from the base of the candle. The wick is then coiled around the base of the candle, allowing the liquefied to be combusted continuously, effectively prolonging the life of the candle.

More variations will be produced, dependent on the size and shape of the candle, which in turn will affect the size of the cup. Also, the product will be further refined by insulating it, allowing it to be portable.


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